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Socioleads is your personalized customer relationship management tool that lets you manage your chats, profile engagement, likes, comment replies, and more on autopilot. Socioleads helps you deploy automation to generate better leads and long-term consumers.

Socioleads is an online tool. You can get started with its features by creating an account and logging in via the web!

We, at Socioleads, prioritize security over anything else. We don’t accept bot accounts and only work with genuine customers to avoid phishing. And we don’t share your information with any third party. Everything you share with us stays safe!

We designed the Socioleads chatbot to help you save your time and energy on replying to your customers. Out chatbot takes care of all the DMs you receive and sends a personalized reply without any delay.

Using chatbots can be tricky if the bot doesn’t understand the user queries. Only a few companies, like Socioleads, develop bots with great conversational intelligence that makes your customers feel like they are chatting with a human! And thus, they don’t appear spammy or intimidating in the DMs

Do some research on the ads in your niche and look for the type of audience they focus on. Socioleads helps you automate sharing your targeted campaigns and posts with the audience with such a set of audiences.

Staying engaged with visitors helps a brand build mutual trust. The visitors feel more connected to the brand and take more interest in the services they offer. It becomes easier for the brand to turn such visitors into loyal customers down the funnel.

It is difficult for business owners to stay active on all the platforms while still improving their products and services. You can, thus, automate the engagement process while you’re not present around. Tools like Socioleads help you do so via chats, comments, and automated posts. So you stay in touch with the audience without worrying about your online activities.

Yes, you can do that. Socioleads not only helps you reply to the DMs. It also replies to the comments on YOUR behalf; so that your audience feels appreciated for their feedback.

Chatbots help you save time and energy on training human resources on customer services. Along with that, it saves you all the hours wasted on chatting and resolving user queries. This way, you can hire people to work on improving the services you provide while the bot takes care of your CRM strategies without any hitch.

As of now, we don’t have any such option. However, you can always delete an account along with all the chats and user history.

We developed Socioleads to assist all the businesses- from startups to large firms. Our services cater to all the business owners out there, and we aim at assisting everyone in polishing their customer relationship management without a hitch! Contact us to get a demo of our services!

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